Spiritual Help For Single-Mothers, What's It All About?

Spiritual Help for the Single-Mother?

Yes You Can Get It Here!

My goal in creating this website is to offer help to single-mothers who want to raise their children with Christian values and Biblical teachings, even without the father of the children being present in the home or in their lives.

Hi! ...and Welcome to my website! My name is Charlene Laguer and I too am a single-mother and have been for many years now, not of choice but of circumstance.

In the past, many people have come to my aid in helping me with my daughter, such as parents, friends, other family members, psychologists, and yes even my daughter's father; however, nothing truly surpasses the help from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

The Bible says in Psalm 46:1,"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." This passage of scripture has continually given me hope and peace of mind in knowing that God is always there with me even when others are not.

Why Do You Need Help As A Single-Mother?

Well, here's why I feel you may benefit from this information:

* Learning Christian values and biblical teachings will help your children stand up against Satan's evil influences whether they are at home, school, or play.

* You will learn how to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in every area of your life.

* You will learn how to trust in God to supply your every need and not worry so much about everything, and this website will give you the tools to achieve this.

* You will begin to see that even asking God to take care of the smallest things in life gives you such a feeling of peace and security.

* As a Christian single-mother, God knows how much you are suffering and struggling on a daily basis and He wants to help you in these things. All you have to do is ask Him.

Besides being a single-mother myself, I have worked in the child-care arena for over thirteen years and I have loved and cared for many children who have come from single-parent homes.

Truly I have had the opportunity and privilege of sharing with these families' various struggles and hard experiences that, most of the time, only a mother who is single goes through.

Many times we would cry, laugh, and then pray together in our quest to seek God's way in dealing with our issues as single-mothers. Through other single-mothers, I have learned how to respond to the physical, emotional and developmental needs of children.

I believe the Lord has allowed me to experience trials as well as victories as a single-mom so that I may share them with you here, within the pages of this website my hope is that they will give you some biblical direction as well.

Within the pages of this website, Spiritual-Help-For-Single-Mothers, I would like to present you with some personal history and research on various topics of interest to you regarding living as a single-mother in a Christ-centered home. Some of these topics are as follows:

  • Your Children. Motherhood can be wonderful but daunting at times; however, as a single-mother in the home, you may be perhaps the only person around who is there to see about your youngster's daily needs. Learn about the joys of motherhood in relationship to these subjects: Expecting a babyRight Growth And Development In Your Child, etc. Within these lines of text, I want to speak to you, from my point of view, about how to handle and survive various phases of their young lives, such as those regarding childcare issues, childcare costs, and all facets of education:Childhood EducationChristian educationpreschool and kindergarten,elementary school, middle school,high school, college, home schooling,extra curricular activities, sex education,after school programs, special needs children, tantrums in your toddler, bullying and harassment, homework help, peaceful negotiations with your children,bedtime issues,etc.  I pray that the biblical principles throughout this section of the website will give you much needed help while you train and teach your children to learn and grow in the Lord.  
  • Difficult Issues. As we all know, there are many trying and challenging issues that come up in our lives as single-mothers, and especially those that affect the entire household. I will discuss various issues of this kind such as:bullying and harassment within the schools, going through puberty, addictions in the home, such as sexual addictionanger management, substance abuse, masturbation,getting help with the homework,childhood obesity, and various others within this section of the website.
  • The Christian Home. My prayer is that this section will enlighten you on the aspects of running and keeping your home in the way that will please the Lord and which will teach your children the value of money, various homemaking skills that will carry them on into their adult years as well. They say that "cleanliness is next to godliness", and so the thoughts and ideas presented here may just help you reach that very state in your home! Emphasis here is placed on organization, morning routine, creating a Christian home,cleanliness,home budgeting,entertaining, outside relationships, frugal tips,time and money savers as well.
  • Your Work Life. Single-mothers in particular have more of a difficult time managing their children, keeping a roof over their heads, and having enough money to do all of that at the same time. Of course, then there are expenses for the children and your own personal needs to be met as well. Without a father in the home you can feel extremely overwhelmed by all of this, just knowing that, for the most part, it's all up to you to fulfill everybody's wants and needs. Also, I sincerely believe that here is where our utmost faith and trust in the Lord to provide for our needs come in. Discussed in this section of the website are topics that I pray will be of help and interest to you, such as those of: hunting for a job, interviewing tips, career placement, distance/online education, financing your education, working at home, etc.
  • Healthy Family Living. Single-mothers seem to have to push themselves a little harder to get things done, and perhaps have to work a little more to make ends meet than their married counterparts--those who do have the children's fathers and husbands around to provide for them and be there physically to help raise their offspring. Having some time for fun, exercise, relaxation and eating right can go right out the window it seems, especially when we are rushing to and fro, getting our children off to school, taking them to band practice, OR, how about having to get your child to a doctor's appointment and in thirty minutes from now, YOU have to be at a meeting downtown--all trying to dodge heavy traffic! It gets crazy doesn't it! So, for you and your children, being healthy and well is vital to your everyday existence. In this section of Spiritual-Help-For-Single-Mothers, I speak on issues regarding family health, womens health, baby health, kids health, beauty, physical fitness, alternative medicine, homeopathic remedies, playtime and fun exercise, healthy eating, childhood obesity, mental health, and so on.
  • Spiritual Living. I feel this is such an important aspect of this website. As Christian single-mothers, we have the awesome responsibilities of guiding,directing and instructing our children directly from God's Word and in doing so we will reap what we have sown, in them and through them. The spiritual teachings we give them will go forward with them from the point of infancy to the end of their lives. Just as it tells us in Isaiah 55:11, ..."God's word will not return void unto Him." We too can be assured of that in teaching our children about our spiritual faith. This section of the website deals with topics such as building Christian character, the importance of having devotions and Bible study, along with learning to pray, memorizing scripture, worship,stewardship, witnessing, ministries, music and so on.
  • Helpful Resources. Spiritual-Help-For-Single-Mothers.com gives you various resources that can help you in dealing with life's problems and concerns as a Christian single-mom. Here mentioned are subjects that affect you and your children on a daily basis. Examples of these are: networking, child support, divorce help, grandparents, babysitters, government support, helpful articles and websites related to Christian single-mothers.
  • Helpful Bible Scriptures. This section of spiritual-help-for-single-mothers offers you helpful scriptures/Bible verses to meditate upon in your walk with Christ. They will cover many areas of our Christian life and hopefully will bring you a sense of joy and peace, knowing that our Savior takes care of us, provides for us, and gives us complete satisfaction in Him!

Single-Mothers Have Unique Circumstances

You maybe a mother who is single for various reasons. Perhaps you are divorced (or going through a divorce), or widowed,for domestic or spousal abuse, or single by choice, or perhaps just separated from your spouse for whatever reason. Each mother has her own reason/s for singleness. Regardless of the case, I do not judge you, dear friend.

Your Heavenly Father will meet your needs. We are reminded in Phillipians 4:19, "But my God shall supply ALL your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Also, He will meet you as you are and wherever you are..so it says in Proverbs 18:24, "...There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

Our children have been given to us as a gift from God, and through His help we are able to take the responsibility for them which He has placed in our hands. I realize that you want to give your best to your children, just as any mother does. This website will give you the tools in which to do so.

Children Need Spiritual Help Also

A child's life extends from home to school and to play. Children need spiritual help in every area of life, just as mother does. I believe that when our children have sufficient Christian values in place, they are able to handle problems in the school, on the playground, or with other siblings.

In many ways our children are an extension of us. They take on our values, habits, actions, thinking, and our way of communicating to others.

Our children tend to look up to us as their heroes, and for their very identities. So, in essence, I feel that it is up to us, as their mothers, although single ones, to lead them into the right spiritual path in which to grow and develop into the future Christian disciples that God would have them to be.

I trust you will enjoy Spiritual-Help-For-Single-Mothers and that you will find something here that will not only peak your interest but that will prove to be sound and spiritual advice from someone who has gone through some of the same issues you too are going through.

Furthermore, I pray that this website will give you helpful information and resources in handling emotional issues, or schooling issues with your children that may come up occasionally, or in dealing with your own personal family life at home.

So, please, just sit back and enjoy your search by clicking the Navigation Bar at the side or the Table of Contents below. As you explore my website, Spiritual-Help-For-Single-Mothers, you'll find all sorts of wonderful information to help you throughout your journey in becoming a happy, Christian single-mom!

As this website grows, I will add more topics as I research and learn more as well. If there are other topics of interest in which you'd like for me to discuss, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to oblige. Thank you.

*P.S. All Scripture verses noted in this website are taken from The Holy Bible, from these versions: KJ, NKJ, NIV, and ESV.

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